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Founder and Managing Director of Banksia Pacific, John Morris, has been in the food service and provisioning business for over 20 years.
Banksia Pacific's corporate goal is

"We will forever strive to bring refreshment to all who seek it!"
John Morris
And, Banksia Pacific is doing just that! Today, Banksia Pacific's major clients include:
Qantas, US Navy, Singapore Armed Forces and Daydream Island.

Qantas   US Navy   Singapore Armed Forces   Daydream Island

International Standard ISO 9002

Banksia Pacific is Quality Assured to International Standard ISO 9002 reflecting the company's commitment to providing services and products of the highest standard.
As one of Australia's leading food provedores, Banksia Pacific, is now looking to form strategic alliances with food producers to seek out new export opportunities in the Asian hotel and restaurant trade.
The Raffles Hotel Food Promotion in April 2000 is part of that strategy to develop a viable international hotel provedoring service.

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