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Brisbane-based Chief Executive Officer of WDM International, John Warren is delighted to join Banksia Pacific as the official freight forwarder for the Signatures of Queensland Food Promotion at Raffles Hotel.

WDM's award winning Perishable Cargo Division manages a diverse range of goods that require special handling and care. The fully equipped cool room facilities located at Brisbane Export Park alongside the Brisbane International Airport, guarantee that products such as meat, live seafood, plants and fruit are maintained at their optimum condition. Complete care is taken to ensure that your product is handled with unsurpassed efficiency from departure to destination.

You can be assured that your food product will arrive at Raffles Hotel in Singapore for the Signatures of Queensland Food Promotion in the very best condition thanks to WDM International.

WDM are the Australian member of the Global Perishable Logistics Group, an alliance of the world's leading perishable forwarders working together to offer perishable shippers a total door to door logistics service for perishable products.

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